Lipton, Weinberger & Husick routinely files trademark applications and responds to trademark office actions, nationally and internationally for its clients.
The following is a non exhaustive and exemplary list of the registered trademarks filed by Lipton, Weinberger & Husick in the US Patent and Trademark Office.
  Federal Registered Trademarks (U.S. PTO)
  4,709,787 Celeb Connect
  4,648,640 Giga Entertainment Media, Inc.
  4,652,748 Bexter
  4,661,328 Content Unlock
  4,618,209 Bricus
  4,618,209 Jonny Corners
  4,628,205 BI Clinical
  4,628,301 Citius Tech
  4,628,774 BI Clinical
  4,628,676 Citius Tech
  4,588,054 My Health Lounge
  4,508,121 Diposta
  4,586,963 lettrs
  4,557,005 Cityzenith
  4,534,297 Bhaitak to Bollywood
  4,463,056 GET IT
  4,496,875 Socky Dolls
  4,422,987 Shark Tray
  4,406,034 Adva Soft
  4,400,015 m Vallet
  4,357,180 Let Go - Ji Bhar Ke Jiyo
  4,350,721 Vizong
  1134131 Statement of Grant Protection
  4,298,580 Skyweaver
  4,290,831 Daystrom
  4,297,200 Kavan Life
  4,310,185 iQpak
  4,310,186 iQpowermod
  4,310,187 iQpowerSIP
  4,310,223 My Puja
  4,290,224 Handy Photo
  4,312,695 Trusox
  4,249,687 Tru Turner
  4,269,874 Instavoice
  4,241,679 Cozy Pets
  4,241,680 Cozy Plush
  4,229,614 VOBOLO
  4,224,919 Fast2grow
  4,197,705 Mindful Mothers
  4,197,704 Mindful Mothers
  4,202,291 Touch Retouch
  4,195,583 Saama Capital (logo)
  4,195,584 Saama Capital (mark)
  4,193,643 Ozark River Portable Sinks
  4,193,187 Guzool
  4,189,748 Doofuz Dudes
  4,178,503 wee talk tracker pro
  4,180,084 Archetribes
  4,179,892 Me-commerce
  4,170,090 Dent: Registration
  4,175,375 Ozark River
  4,136,635 Can you walk the walk
  4,135,876 Antioxidant Nutrient 100% Natural Health100% Natural T-3 Non Toxic Residues Biotiquin
  4,133,823 Dent Hardware
  4,142,305 Beezag
  4,109,901 Beezag (logo)
  4,097,853 5D Smart Building
  4,097,852 5D Smart World
  4,097,851 5D Smart City
  4,122,646 OM BOOK
  4,076,582 GET IT
  4,079,419 Appsone
  4,041,957 Opsone
  4,017,382 Payer Cloud
  3,997,165 Shankar Mahadevan Academy
  3,992,614 Screampoint
  4,035,581 Picuzzles
  3,902,903 ZAIKA
  3,920,733 SWAPPEEZ
  3,895,139 DENTAL WISH
  3,907,304 ANM
  3,824,811 ME-N-2
  3,823,423 CNG
  3,829,217 Softoys
  3,787,007 RDD Method
  3,786,078 Kirusa Direct Listen
  3,777,281 Young, Fly & Saved
  3,784,044 360GRC
  3,795,635 Poker Hoody
  3,774,407 Mangiarotti
  3,380,353 Agiliance
  3,655,304 Innlock
  3,749,553 Expect the Best. Experience the Difference
  3,565,534 CellSpin
  3,565,535 CellSpin logo
  3,745,171 Close Cross
  3,634,287 Rikdikulous
  3,640,372 DeviceVM
  3,586,111 IP Procure
  2,764,423 CRITTER
  3,601,963 WRITERSBLOK
  3,733,701 Tranquil Transitions
  3,589,670 INDEE
  2,361,405 FLASHCHAIN
  3,663,274 Warhawk
  3,507,221 Umrao
  3,500,878 Research Assistant
  3,500,879 Research Librarian
  3,494,279 Lone Star Wine Country
  3,554,865 Splashtop
  3,554,866 Splash Design Mark
  3,552,222 Common Control Framework
  3,359,852 Conceptionary
  3,445,317 Kirusa
  3,608,573 ClimatCool
  3,615,478 USB Hubman
  3,601,963 Kopron
  3,601,786 Florida55
  3,624,433 St Surin Design Mark
  3,621,424 Event Monitor
  3,627,742         Semantic Insights
  3,624,871 Direct Listen
  3,624,870 Speed Codes
  Internationally Registered Trademarks
  0982004 Emissary
  0978734 Aromaboss
  0985561 PC Coal Lab
  0978204 Splash Design Mark
  0962833 Splashtop
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