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Scramble for Software Patents, published in a technology magazine, March, 2007
Innovation through Distributed Intelligence, February, 2007
A Prologue to Mechanical patents, January, 2007
A Soft Introduction to Software Patents, December, 2006
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10,801,135 :   Multi-effect woven fabric for energy harvesting and heat management
10,799,390 :   Energy harvesting, heat managing, multi-effect therapeutic garment
10,773,045 :   Anesthesia delivery and ventilation system
D895,124 :   Biometric wearable health and performance device for animals
D891,632 :   Gastrointestinal sampling device
D891,150 :   Adjustable feet warming blanket
10,725,185 :   Sharing of a global navigation satellite system antenna with multiple global navigation satellite system receivers
10,710,270 :   Attaching objects made of dissimilar materials using a molded attachment block
10,698,960 :   Content validation and coding for search engine optimization
D884,284 :   Lip balm casing with non-reflective surfaces
10,623,547 :   Adaptive communication mode for recording a media message
10,588,717 :   Detachable orthodontic bracket and wire system
10,579,755 :   Method for 3-D printing a custom bone graft
10,552,030 :   Multi-gesture media recording system
10,551,507 :   Sequential chip mixed frequency correlator array system
10,548,534 :   System and method for anhedonia measurement using acoustic and contextual cues
10,531,940 :   Fecal incontinence device for positioning in the lower rectum
D871,922 :   Dual chambered liquid container
10,515,629 :   System and method for activation of voice interactive services based on user state
10,502,357 :   Kit for attaching interchangeable accessories to an instrument
10,498,902 :   Routing incoming calls made to one or more unreachable numbers into a data client
10,481,763 :   Mobile stamp creation and management for digital communications
10,475,530 :   System and method for activation and deactivation of cued health assessment
D866,061 :   Vaping device
10,468,699 :   Electric power production using aqueous multi-electron oxidants
10,462,412 :   Surgical visualization and recording system
10,453,583 :   Boron filled hybrid nanotubes
10,448,675 :   Construction of a gripping fabric
10,447,836 :   Adaptive communication mode for recording a media message
10,436,911 :   Navigation data configuration for optimal time to first fix
10,433,613 :   Ventilation apparatus for footwear
D861,807 :   Rotatable base accessory for a fitness balance device
10,425,806 :   Automatic multimedia upload for publishing data and multimedia content
10,390,586 :   Ventilation of footwear
D855,410 :   Pizza slice holder
10,371,324 :   Single color or multiple color LED angel eyes halo headlight
10,357,428 :   Medication organizer tray apparatus
10,352,589 :   Solar thermal concentrator apparatus, system, and method
10,345,008 :   Solar thermal concentrator apparatus, system, and method
10,341,419 :   Transformation of a content file into a content-centric social network
10,318,614 :   Transformation of marked-up content into a file format that enables automated browser based pagination
10,299,895 :   Fabrication and installation of a dental implant
10,298,749 :   Callback notification from devices with insufficient credit for communication
10,296,880 :   Invoice analytics system
D846,995 :   Dual chambered fluid dispenser
10,262,377 :   Sales order data collection and management system
10,241,210 :   Navigation data configuration for optimal time to first fix
D843,588 :   Combined multipurpose adhesive bandage and splint device
10,157,238 :   Transformation of marked-up content to a reversible file format for automated browser based pagination
10,153,928 :   Energy efficient highway addressable remote transducer coherent 8-ary phase shift keying modem

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