Lipton, Weinberger & Husick' patent attorney routinely files responses to office actions for patent applications with the US Patent And Trademark Office. The office actions may comprise a response to rejection of the claims and follow up with an interview of the patent examiners to advance the prosecution of the application.

Patent Prosecution broadly refers to the communication between the patent applicant or representative and the US Patent And Trademark Office either pre or post grant of the patent application to advance the application. This interaction usually consists of amendment of claims and supporting arguments to obtain an allowance of the patent application and grant of a patent. This service includes review of the patent application, modification of the claims, description etc as the case may be and filing of the response with the US patent office.

The firm provides patent prosecution services in the following two ways:
The firm responds to office actions for patent applications that have been filed by the firm for its existing clients; and The firm is also regularly approached by several new clients solely for patent prosecution services.
Further, if the firm is approached by a client who received an office action for any patent application, filed by the firm's attorney or by any other attorney or firm, it responds to the client's request immediately. The firm's attorney may also contact the concerned US patent examiner, meet with him or her, and file an appropriate response within the time limit given.

The fee for patent prosecution services is very competitive and is dependent on the level of difficulty of the response and the time taken to draft the response.

For details or for any specific enquiry, contact patent attorney, Ash Tankha at ash@ipprocurement.com

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