Unveiling an invention in a Specification

Drafting a fine patent specification requires your participation and sincere contact with your attorney or agent. You are the only one who is familiar with all the characteristics of your invention and can your attorney in the right direction when its embodiments, applications, utilities, and advantages have to be explained. Principally, the specification must offer complete support for the claims in respect to the technology and the form. The form points to the words used in the claims. Additionally, the spec must meet two basic conditions:

The specification must clearly and succinctly unveil enough for a person skilled in the field of the invention to apply the invention without a lot of testing.
The disclosure must affirm what you regard as the best manner of executing the invention.

In the detailed description of the specification, you must disclose what you deem is the most resourceful way to carry out your invention, which may not necessarily be the approach; you make your own sample. If you’ve thought of other ways to utilize the invention, you can add them as alternate embodiments. You can explain different ways to assemble a particular structure or perform a particular procedure.

When the enabling requisite is taken into consideration, you’re writing for a person skilled in your field. The use of technical terminology is appreciated and we can bounce obvious information. The skilled person can figure out which procedures are necessary. 

For example, if you’re unveiling a computer program, draw a flowchart and briefly explain the step characterized by each box on the chart. You don’t need to write a program code list.

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