Monsanto, Myriad: Two US Legal Cases Shaking Biotechnology Industries
The biotechnology industry has growing concerns over decisions to be taken this year by the United States Supreme Court in two cases involving the patenting of human genes and the exhaustion of patent rights in the context of easily reproducible products. Several areas of biotechnology could be affected by unfavorable decisions, provoking legal uncertainty and discouraging innovation, industry representatives said in a recent telephone conference. In the meantime, civil society stands fast in opposition.

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Drug development: Teaching old pills new tricks
New uses for known medications are being found, but the patent system is getting in the way10

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ITC Affirms Intel Chips Don't Infringe X2Y's Patents
The U.S. International Trade Commission mostly backed a finding that certain Intel Corp. microprocessors incorporated in Apple Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. computers don't infringe X2Y Attenuators LLC's patents, saying Friday that it would terminate the investigation.

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Reynolds Wrap Sues Rival Using 'Identical' Packaging
The makers of Reynolds Wrap sued rival aluminum foil manufacturer Handi-Foil Corp. for trademark infringement on Friday in Virginia, alleging Handi-Foil's packaging is “nearly identical” to its own.

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James Cameron wins Avatar lawsuit
James Cameron has defeated a lawsuit from a visual effects consultant who claimed the Oscar-winning film-maker stole his ideas for his multibillion-dollar blockbuster Avatar.

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Google countersues BT over patents
BT's plan to make millions of dollars from licensing its patent portfolio by suing web giants including Google has run into a problem: Google and its phone subsidiary Motorola Mobility are countersuing it for patent infringement, calling the lawsuit filed in 2011 by BT "meritless" and accusing it of using shell companies to file other suits.

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Apple workers targeted by hackers
Apple has been targeted by hackers who infected the machines of employees when they visted a website for developers

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The Indian Supreme Court dismissed Swiss drug maker Novartis International AG's attempt to win patent protection for its cancer drug Glivec.
The Indian Supreme Court on April 1, 2013 denied a patent to Novartis International AG for the medicine Glivec® (imatinib mesylate) for the treatment of various forms of cancer. While this decision is seen as a discouragement for western pharmaceutical firms targeting India to drive sales, it has saved a country of a population of 1.2 billion from non-availability of unaffordable patented drugs.

Speaking during a visit to the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Minister for Commerce and Industry Anand Sharma said the court decision was "absolutely justified" under the intellectual property rules of the World Trade Organization, known as the TRIPS agreement. "What is good, to allow people to die or to make the medicine available? That's the larger question," he said.

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India should look at ways to ensure IP rights, check piracy, says senior US diplomat-October 9, 2012

A senior US diplomat has stressed the need for conducting a detailed study on the impact of intellectual property on India's economy, saying the country should examine ways to ensure IP rights in all businesses.

"India, with its great heritage of creativity and innovation, should look at ways to ensure IP rights in all sectors of business. To date, no comprehensive analysis has been done on the impact of intellectual property on India's economy", US Consul General Jennifer A McIntyre said.

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Google, Hitachi Metals, Samsung: Intellectual Property- September 19, 2012
Google Inc. (GOOG)’s patent-infringement complaint targeting Apple Inc. devices, including ones that have the Siri voice-recognition program, will be investigated by a U.S. trade agency.

The U.S. International Trade Commission said yesterday it has begun a formal probe of the complaint filed Aug. 17 by Google’s Motorola Mobility unit. Notice of the investigation was posted on the agency’s website.

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Apple wins lawsuit against Samsung, as jury awards $1B for patent infringement- August 24, 2012
After a year of scorched-earth litigation, a jury decided Friday that Samsung ripped off the innovative technology used by Apple to create its revolutionary iPhone and iPad. The jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion. An appeal is expected.

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Google Denies Unlawful Use of Rosetta Stone Trademarks - 20 June 2012
Google Inc. denied making any unlawful use of Rosetta Stone Inc. (RST) (RST)’s trademarks in a filing today in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. Rosetta Stone, which sells software for learning foreign languages, claims Google has sold keywords using its trademark to rivals and counterfeiters. Some of Rosetta Stone’s trademark- infringement claims, which had been thrown out by a federal court in 2010, were restored by a federal appeals court in April and returned to the trial court.

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America’s Supreme Court Wallops the Biotech Industry - 24 March 2012
PATENTS are supposed to encourage innovation, not stifle it. On March 20th America’s Supreme Court threw out two medical patents for doing the latter. The ruling in Mayo v Prometheus was unequivocal. So was the horrified reaction from the biotechnology industry. Prometheus, a subsidiary of Nestlé, had patented a test to determine the correct dose of thiopurines, drugs that have long been used to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Thiopurines’ effect depends on how each patient processes the drug. Prometheus patented a way to determine the best dose for a given patient: concentrations of certain chemicals in the blood should be within a range, high enough to work but low enough to be safe. It sells its test to hospitals, including the prestigious Mayo Clinic. In 2004 Mayo developed a competing test with a different recommended range. Prometheus sued.
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