Articles on Patents
The Invention and Its Detailed Description
Introduction To Infringement Study
Intellectual Property Infringement
The Status of Patent Pending
Patentability Opinion
US and Indian patent laws: Comparison
Non operational Inventions
Patent Classification
Patenting Of New Use Inventions
Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR)
Non publication request
Cooperative Patent Classification
Drafting the Independent Claim in a Patent
Elements of a Design Patents
Infringement Analysis
Analyzing patent documents
Difference between copyrights and patents
Drafting Claims
Why hire a patent attorney?
How your country benefit from your patent
Limit your expenses: File Provisional First
Patentable Subject Matter
Patent Prosecution: Appeals
MPEP 2129 Admissions as Prior Art [R-6]
Significance of Provisional Patent Applications
From Ideas to Profits–A Path to Monetizing Patents, Published in a technology magazine
From Ideas to Profits–A Path to Monetizing Patents, Published in a technology magazine June,2007
When to Protect an Innovative Idea? ,Published in a technology magazine, May, 2007
Seeing the Same but Different…, published in a technology magazine, April, 2007
Scramble for Software Patents, published in a technology magazine, March, 2007
Innovation through Distributed Intelligence, February, 2007
A Prologue to Mechanical patents, January, 2007
Soft Introduction to Software Patents, December, 2006
Electronic and Semiconductor Patents – An Evolution Scenario, November, 2006
Future Technology - Smart Materials, October, 2006
Patenting System – A Historical Perspective, September, 2006
Future of Patents in the Realm of Open Source Discussions
Patent Infringement
Patentable Subject Matter
Articles on Trademarks  
Test to Qualify For a Trade Dress Registration
Introduction to Trademarks
Selection of The Right Trademark
Conducting a trademark search
Filing of a Trademark
Office Action Response
Trademark Appeals
Maintating A Trademark Registration
Trademark Opposition
Trademarks and Unfair Competition Registration
Trademarks and Domain Names
International Trademark Applications
International Classification of Trademarks
How to choose the right trademark?
Growing Trend of Trademark Registration
Filing An International Trademark Application Under The Madrid Protocol
Maintaining a Trademark Registration
Trademark Case Law
Why do I need a trademark lawyer
Articles on Copyrights  
Copyright and Website Protection
Counterfeiting and Piracy Undermine IP Protection

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