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IP Legal Services conducts design patent searches and drafts and files design patent applications. A design patent protects a new ornamental design or shape of an article of manufacture irrespective of its utility. To see examples of our published and granted design patents, please view the posted list of design patents.IP Legal Services has conducted patent searches and drafted and filed mechanical patent applications.
Design Prior Art Search Process
IP Legal Services conducts international prior art searches using the commercial Thomson Innovation (A Thomson Reuters Product)Patent Search Engine as well as the U.S.PTO database.
The following information is required by the patent attorney for conducting a patent search for a product based mechanical invention
trademarks Drawings that clearly identify the new ornamental design or shape of an article of manufacture.
A description of the claimed new design or shape of the article of manufacture and its surface ornamentation.
Design Patent Application Filing Process
The subject matter of a design patent application is limited to the ornamental design or shape of an article of manufacture. The following information is required by the patent attorney for drafting a design patent application.
trademarks Formal drawings of multiple views, preferably perspective views, of the article of manufacture with surface shading to clearly illustrate the claimed design. The drawings should comply with the requirements set by the patent office. If you wish to claim color as part of the design, color drawings should be provided.
trademarks A description of the design, nature, and intended use of the article of manufacture that embodies the design sought to be protected.
trademarks A description of embodiments or modified forms of a single design embodied in the article of manufacture
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