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IP Legal Services routinely files patents in the chemical and pharmaceutical. A non-exhaustive list of the patents granted and allowed or published through IP Legal Services in this class includes:

US20170251705 A1

The particular requirements for chemical patents may vary according to the inventive concept. However, the patent attorney has some general requirements for preparing chemical patent applications. Click here to find out what information we need from the inventor to conduct a prior art search and prepare a draft of the patent application for a chemical patent.

A few representative areas in the chemical art are listed below.  However, please note that the list is not exhaustive and your inventive concept may be classified in a chemical class that is not listed below.

Adhesives patents
Agricultural chemicals patents
Cement patents
Ceramics patents
Detergents patents
Explosives patents
General chemicals patents
Metallurgy and mining patents
Paints and surface coatings patents
Petroleum patents
Photographic patents
Plastics patents
Polymers patents
Printing patents
Pulping and paper making patents
Textiles patents
Water treatment patents

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