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US and international patent and trademark services Discounted fee for start ups and individuals Flat fee patent filing and prosecution services Big firm quality. Small firm costs Filed and obtained more than 2000 patents for over 300 clients in the past 25 years; representative patents filed by LWH are posted on the link: http://www.ipprocurement.com/patents/granted_patents.php We meet with USPTO examiners to advance the prosecution of patent application About 5 days turn-around time for most patent applications Books on patent and trademarks authored by our attorneys References (20) for our patent and trademark work available on request.
Lipton, Weinberger & Husick provides patent and trademark legal services nationwide. We also provide patent and trademark filing services in foreign countries through our foreign associates. Our services include patent searches, patent application drafting and filing, patent application prosecution, trademark searches, trademark filing, trademark application prosecution and copyright registration. Our patent attorney also files international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and international trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol though the World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.
Why selectLipton, Weinberger & Husick for filing your patent and trademark applications?
We provide patent and trademark filing services for a flat fee; Our patent attorney meets with U.S.PTO patent examiners at the U.S.PTO, Alexandria, VA to advance the prosecution of the patent application; We have filed hundreds of patent and trademark applications for more than 300 clients over the past 20 years. Experience counts, especially when the rate of allowance of patent applications is about 45%. Representative patents that we have filed are viewable on the link "our granted and published patents". Representative trademark applications that we have filed are viewable on the link "our registered trademarks"; There is no charge for consultations or advice over the phone, or for any work requiring 15 minutes or less of our time; We set-up a docket for our client's intellectual property at no charge to the client; We provide prompt turn-around for work products. For example, our turn around time for drafting a patent application, or a response to an office action is about 5 days; We have authored books on patents and trademarks and published scores of articles on intellectual property. Our publications "Patent Your Idea", "Trademarks - A Guide to Filing and Prosecuting a Mark", and "Trademarks" A Guide for Registering, Opposing and Appealing a Mark" are available on amazon.com for a nominal cost. We assist clients in developing their patent strategy for obtaining patents, maximizing patent based revenue, and minimizing generic competition at no cost to the client. References regarding our patent and trademark filing services are available on request. Flat fees. Experience. Expertise. Prompt service. Cost effective pricing.
Most of our clients are located out-of-state and internationally. Given the nature of our patent and trademark filing work and the need to obtain the invention disclosure from the inventor in writing, the firm principally communicates with clients via email and phone to prepare and file patent and trademark applications. However, a meeting can be arranged at the firm's office if the client wishes to meet with our patent attorney.
Patent Application Filing Process:
If you would like to file a patent application for your idea, listed below are the steps that we follow for drafting and filing your patent application with the U.S.PTO:

Step 1: Please e-mail your name and contact information to us at ash@ipprocurement.com, and we will send you a non-disclosure agreement and a fee agreement that recites our flat fee for filing a patent application.

Step 2: If you wish to proceed, please download, sign and return the NDA and fee agreement. We will then countersign the agreements and e-mail them back to you. You may then send us a description of your inventive concept to allow us to conduct a prior art search to determine if the inventive concept is new.

Step 3: If the inventive concept is new, you can instruct us to file either a provisional patent application, or, to file a regular non-provisional patent application both of which allow you to mark your product "patent pending".

A provisional application is generally filed if your funding is limited at this point, or if you wish to check out the market regarding the marketability of your product. After a provisional patent application is filed, you may contact appropriate persons to provide funding for filing a non-provisional patent application and for commercializing your product.

A provisional application allows you to mark your product "Patent Pending" and provides patent pending protection for one (1) year. A provisional application must be rolled over to a regular, non-provisional application before the end of the one year period if the inventor needs protection beyond the one year period.

Alternatively, you may directly file a regular, non-provisional patent application. A regular, non-provisional patent application entitles the applicant to 20 years patent protection from the date of filing if the application is allowed and the patent granted by the U.S.PTO.

You may pay by check, or by credit card with an additional 2% credit card processing fee, or, on a monthly installment plan with no interest. Step 4: We will send you the draft of the patent application for your review and edit. Your changes will then be incorporated in the patent application. Once you approve the patent application for filing, the application will be filed with the U.S.PTO.

Additional information on the patent filing process is provided on our website www.ipprocure.com; on the home page click on "patent application filing process". Representative patents applications that we have filed are listed on the link "our granted and published patents". If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at: ash@ipprocurement.com, or by phone at: 1-866-387-5386.
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